2016-17 Lunch Applications

To reapply for the 2016-17 school lunch program
Accelerated Reader Book FInd
Students should also be working toward their AR reading goals so reading is always a good idea. If you would like to check that the book is one that can be tested.

Box Tops for Education
We are collecting the boxtops in the front office and you need to check out the site for coupons and other projects!

California Department of Education
A link to the Common Core State Standards for all grade levels and all areas of study.

Compass Learning 
Students have their own password for lessons based on their specific needs.  This site is only for mathematics

Houghton Mifflin Publishers
This web site is for all areas of interest (math, reading, science...) from the publishers of the textbooks we use in Moreno Valley elementary schools

Imagine Learning
Students with access passwords can use this program at home to increase their language skills.

Illuminate Home Connection Portal
Use this online access portal to view your student's data.

Each child has their own username and password... Please see your child's teacher for each child's private log in information.

Math is Fun
This link is for math. Vocabulary, activities and games that are all math based.

Moby Max
This site is for students to practice their Language Arts & Math. Sunnymeadows has purchased this license for you to be able to log in at home.

Moreno Valley Unified School District
Please visit the Moreno Valley Unified School District website! You will find valuable information regarding the different departments that make up our district. Under "Divisions" you can look up "School Menus" under Nutritional Services.

Random House Publishers ~ Suessville
This is a site that has many different levels available. It is one that I have used in the past but haven't been in for a while. It is good fun for all ages.

Scholastic Books
This is the Scholastic site that has great connections to the different books that are popular now with many age groups.

The school has paid a subscription to Storia and students all have login and passwords to use from home. The results are only valid if the child assigned to a password is the one that does the activities. Many of these stories are also AR testable books!

Think Central "GO Math!"
Ask your teacher about accessing this website with your passwords.

All things GO Math can be found at this site!