Science Fair Results
Science Fair Results 2017
Posted on 02/09/2017


This year's science fair winners had amazing projects that showed their scientific minds at work.

3rd Grade
1st: Do hand soaps and sanitizers prevent the growth of bread? ~ Daniel Salazar

2nd: Time to Sublime ~ Yaniah Gamboa

3rd: The Rock Cycle ~ R.J. Ellis

4th Grade
1st: Energy from Garbage: How to make Bio-Gas ~ Isabella Landin

2nd: Which paper towel is the strongest? ~ Alexis Aguiar

3rd: What cleans copper better? ~ Jessica Luna

5th Grade
1st: Which metal is the best conductor or heat ~ Valerie Ramirez

2nd: Fuel economy vs. speed ~ Robert Richardson

3rd: Static Electricity ~ Gieselle Madrigal