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Sunnymeadows Elementary School

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Assistant Principal Message

Dr. Wright
Welcome to Sunnymeadows Elementary School 2022-2023

It is an honor to work at Sunnymeadows and create a positive climate and culture with
students, staff, and families. Together we will form a community to ensure that all
Seahawks at Sunnymeadows are safe, responsible, and respectful. My goal as an assistant
principal is to develop our students into lifelong learners who welcome change and
adversity. Our students need to be able to accept and adjust to inconvenience and handle
the challenges within their personal and educational environment. A lifelong learner can
listen, learn, and teach other students. With these skills, our Seahawks can aim high and
overcome obstacles! Education is the backbone of every business. It creates a desire for
knowledge, to engineer a product that can lead to fulfilling a person’s pursuit of happiness.

As a Seahawk family, these are the following essentials to support your child’s academic
  1.  Make sure your Seahawk attends school every day, arrives at school on time, and is
    ready to participate and learn. Remember, every minute counts.
  2. Be involved in your child’s academic day. Regularly communicate with your child’s
    teacher regarding his/her progress and or behavior.
  3. Read to your Seahawk daily for 30 minutes, or have your child read to you. Ask your
    child what he/she read.
Dr. Aftan Wright
Assistant Principal