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Sunnymeadows Elementary School

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AAIIAC Message

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Hello, Sunnymeadows Community!


My name is Desiree Ratcliffe, and I serve as the Assistant Administrator of Instructional Improvement and Academic Coaching at Sunnymeadows. I am not only honored and privileged to be working with our hardworking staff, but I am also very excited to work at a place I call “home”. Interestingly, I attended Sunnymeadows as a child, and my mother also worked here for many years. I feel a true sense of responsibility to help ensure our students are receiving top notch, and research-based instruction daily from teachers who are well-trained and care about kids immensely. I enjoy my role in which I  assist, guide, train, and coach teachers to improve their professional practice as educators here at Sunnymeadows. I am always seeing our students learn how to be excellent students through the use of AVID strategies, and I enjoy modeling and employing those strategies with our awesome teaching staff.


Students’ Academic Achievement rests firmly at the core of all our school’s goals and plans. We look forward to celebrating student growth and achievement throughout the year! If you have any questions related to curriculum or instruction, or our online programs, please feel free to contact me anytime!



Desiree Ratcliffe


Sunnymeadows Elementary