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Sunnymeadows Elementary School

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Hello Sunnymeadows Community,
I would like to welcome you to another beautiful day in our Seahawk neighborhood. Our school is more than just a place where students come to learn. We are also a community. It means that we learn each day, how to be better than we were the day before. We should be more than just academically supportive. We learn new social skills. We try new foods. Our students learn how to be good future leaders.  
Maybe yesterday you struggled with your  times tables, maybe it was division but last night while you were doing your homework --- a light bulb switched on in your brain that made it all make sense. All of a sudden, you understood and remembered how to do what you could not before. Wow! How exciting, then you shared with one of your classmates what you learned. Wow! it helped them too. Now you didn't just learn, but now you've taught someone else. What a strong chain. Before you know it, you are having fun learning. Now you're not waiting for others to tell you how smart you are because YOU are proud of yourself.
My dear students and  parents, this is what reading does for you too. It opens new doors. What if you were trapped in a box, but there were four doors; one for each direction. You would think you would try to open one of the doors to get out, but you don't. You are too afraid to try; so you sit down in the middle of the box and do nothing. Sometimes that is the way you may feel--stuck.
When you read a good book, you cannot only open one door, but you have the keys to all of the doors.
Libraries are places that hold travel, science, famous people, even vacations. Even learn about pink dolphins. How cool is that!
Our school library is open to students and parent/guardians too.
Mary B. Wigginton (Miss W.)
Sunnymeadows School Librarian