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2023 Top Educator: Nicole Lindemuth

2023 Top Educator: Nicole Lindemuth

Nicole Lindemuth | 1st Grade Teacher, Sunnymeadows Elementary School

Finalist for Riverside County 2024 Teacher of the Year

It is with great pleasure that we celebrate our phenomenal Certificated Employee of the Year
Nicole Lindemuth. Nicole regularly has students who have already graduated from high school return to Sunnymeadows to inform her how she made such a positive impact in their lives. She is a champion for students because she is a master at maintaining the highest standards for developing the whole child; not just developing a child for academics. Nicole not only had a vision to develop the site’s Transformational Garden, but through her leadership, her vision came to fruition as students, staff, and the greater Sunnymeadows Seahawk community enjoy two gardens on campus. It is with deepest gratitude that we celebrate Nicole Lindemuth as our Certificated Employee of the Year for Sunnymeadows. Congratulations!

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